Today, a boat dealer needs to find a way to stand out. Easy to use video technology has emerged as a leading way for your marketing efforts and spend. Why? It connects, influences, and engages your target audience. While emailing and directly engaging with customers and prospective customers is still here to stay, it’s time to embrace innovative solutions if you haven’t already done so. Today, consumers are more prone to obtaining their information through a video if one is available. Incorporating video into your boat dealership’s marketing strategies is a logical step to take.

By the Numbers

The numbers don’t lie. There are some very impactful video statistics that support the discussion around the value and ROI of video worth considering:

YouTube has now become the 2nd largest search engine in the world, it’s true, bigger than Bing, Yahoo, and Ask, combined. Google is the only search engine that ranks above YouTube. And rightfully so since Google now owns Youtube. Video is a must-have in your online marketing efforts today because it dramatically impacts search results. Video is not the future, it has arrived.

How Can Boat Dealership Use Video?

Video’s power and reach can no longer be disputed, and boat dealerships can take advantage of video in many different ways. We recommend reducing all the options down to two simple and effective paths as a starting point.

1. Enhance your emails with video

A powerful and simple tool called Vidyard gives you the ability to embed a video right into the body of an email. Imagine you have sold a boat to a new customer, and just before delivery your sales representative sends a personalized email with a short 30-second video embedded that he/she easily created on their smartphone. It’s that simple. Your customer will receive a personalized video message, garnering better engagement and enhancing the overall customer experience.

You can take these personalized video messages to an even higher level and use them as a tool to reach out to customers and remind them to service their boat to help drive your service revenues, let people know about a new boat that may be of interest or just reach out and thank them for being a customer.

2. Get customer testimonials on video

Using a tool like StoryTap allows your dealership to create case studies or client testimonials on video, simply and quickly. These videos can be saved and placed on your website as well as pushed out on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. StoryTap’s cloud based tool allows you to set up a video interview with a client and send them that link, and then the customer simply answers the prompted questions looking into their video camera. You can set up as many questions as you want, or as few. Once the client finishes answering the questions, it’s automatically saved and ready for your final edit using the simple tool.

To Summarize

The era of video marketing is here. And it continues to grow and become entrenched in every aspect of our life. Looking at age demographics, people from the ages 18-60 are welcoming video with open arms on their mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. It’s time to start embedding video into your dealership marketing strategy. So be sure that video marketing is on the table for you as a boat dealer.

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